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Byzantine Empire Lyrics

Byzantine music is now regarded as an independent musical culture, with elements derived from Syrian and Hebrew as well as Greek sources. Its beginnings are dated by some scholars to the 4th cent., after the founding of the Eastern Empire by Constantine I.

Songs from the Byzantine Empire-

absolute Horizon lyrics
- All Hail The End Times lyrics
- Ancestry Of The Antichrist lyrics
- Brundlefly lyrics
- Catalyst lyrics
- Centurion lyrics
- Cradle Song lyrics
- Deep End Of Nothing lyrics
- Expansion & Collapse lyrics
- Five Faces Of Madness lyrics
- God's Shame lyrics
- Hatfield lyrics
- Jeremiad lyrics
- Justicia lyrics
- Kill Chain lyrics
- Lowbrain lyrics
- My New Casket lyrics
- Nadir lyrics
- More Byzantine lyrics- Oblivion Beckons lyrics
- Pattern Recognition lyrics
- Pity None lyrics
- Purity lyrics
- Receiving End Of Murder lyrics
- Redneck War lyrics
- Salem Ark lyrics
- Sin Remover lyrics
- Slipping On Noise lyrics
- Stick Figure lyrics
- Stoning Judas lyrics
- Taking Up Serpents lyrics
- Temporary Temples lyrics
- The Devil's Arithmetic lyrics
- The Filth Of Our Underlings lyrics
- The Gift Of Discernment lyrics
- The Rat Eaters lyrics
- Unhook Me lyrics
- Wings Of My Soul lyrics
-Byzantine Empire - Whenever I'm Lonely
-Slavonian kingdoms, (Ode to Ancient) Europa
Dim Carcosa
by Ancient Rites

The Byzantine Empire
Spread over the Balkans, Asia, Minor and Greece
Combining eastern and western tradition
A gateway to the East)

-Almost There
Heavy Mental

Slavonian kingdoms,
built durin the medieval

Shall remain in the ordained Byzantine Empire

Take you higher one stage is a mass of fire, but sting like
-To Storm the Cyclopean Gates of Byzantium
The Chthonic Chronicles

Niger your control of the empire. Pescennius Niger is slain, his forces expelled from Cyzicus, Nicaea and Issus, and yet Clodius Albinus has sailed from Britannia
The time of Romanus and of Sergius (fl. early 7th cent.) is called the golden age of Byzantine music. In the 8th century, the outstanding hymn writers were St. John of Damascus and Cosmas of Jerusalem. The chief type of hymn was the kanon, a series of odes, theoretically nine but often only eight in number, referring to the nine canticles of the Old and New Testaments. Until the 9th cent., poet and composer were always one; later, hymns were set to already existing melodies.

With the codification of the Greek liturgy in the 11th century came a general decline in hymnody. Musical activity ceased with the fall of Constantinople (1453). Russian chant, the chant of the Modern Greek Orthodox Church, and to a small extent Gregorian chant all owe something to Byzantine chant.

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